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All-In-One Stop for Zebrafish Service & Support

With over 20+ years of experience, Danio Lab provides specialized, multi-tier, tailored care plans and preventative maintenance programs to all types of zebrafish facilities and institutions. This includes servicing, upgrading, and installing zebrafish racks, filtration systems, and everything in between.

Our team has dealt with developing solutions for a wide range of clients and has worked with facilities of all different types and sizes. We are a Boston-based company that has solved problems and provided efficient and effective results for laboratories, institutions, and universities across the globe. Danio Lab offers on-site and remote technical services and consultations.

Service, Support, and Solutions

  • Zebrafish Rack and Tank Systems (stand-alone systems, flow through systems, etc.)
  • Filtration Units / Aquatic Life Support Components (filters, UV sterilizers, water pumps, etc.)
  • Monthly/annual consumable items (filter bags, water quality tests, etc.)

Danio Lab – Care Plan Levels

  • Basic Care Plan – annual service visit & technical support (+ annual consumable supplies)
  • Care Plan Plus – bi-annual service visits & technical support (+ annual consumable supplies)
  • Total Care Plan – quarterly or monthly service visits & technical support (+ annual consumable supplies)

Zebrafish Rack and Tank System Service, Husbandry, and Preventative Maintenance

No matter what brand zebrafish system you have, we can provide you with service, support and replacement parts you need or want – as we have experience working with customers that have housing and equipment comprised of all the all-major brands. Along with servicing your current systems’ needs, we offer various levels of preventative maintenance programs that are designed to streamline and optimize your system in order to improve its ease of use, effectiveness, longevity. Our experienced service team is equipped with solving any type of system issue and providing the necessary parts, pieces, or consumable items you need to keep your system running smoothly.

Furthermore, we also offer training and consulting programs (through our Danio Core sector) such that we can provide the necessary skills, knowledge, information, standard operating procedures that is required to start and maintain a well-functioning zebrafish room or facility.

Our service visits can consist of a variety of things, depending on the day for example – installing a new water pump, building a filtration skid, converting individual filter systems to a centralized filtration system, replacing a UV lamp, a custom upgrade, or designing and installing an entire zebrafish rack. As we have been very fortunate enough to have had years of extensive experience within the industry working with a wide range of clientele, we decided to create our own zebrafish IVT rack and tank system called Danio Housing (if you are looking to purchase new racks for your lab). After servicing many zebrafish systems over the years, we felt we could design and engineer an optimal zebrafish housing system (that has all of the features, specs, and components that we have found that other zebrafish racks/tanks lack).

Danio Housing – A Zebrafish IVT Rack & Tank System

Designed with the User in Mind

  • Highest density rack configuration on the market
  • 4.0-liter tank sizes (and 1.0L coming soon)
  • Visit our website or contact us for more info on its features and benefits

Note: A two-year comprehensive warranty and basic care plan are included with the purchase of your Danio Housing System.