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South Boston Life Science Corporation (SoBo) is a Boston based biotechnology services and supplies company with a unique portfolio of internationally recognized brands and projects – including Danio Lab, Necton distribution, and SoBoDASH (a lab animal colony management software). SoBo offers a wide range of high quality and innovative products, services, and technology to research laboratories, fish facilities, educational institutions, and commercial hatcheries.


  • All aspects of Zebrafish husbandry & operations
  • Products, tools, services, support & technology

System Design

  • Facility designs, installations, upgrades, replacement parts
  • Zebrafish filtration skids, RO/DI systems, UV disinfection, etc.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

  • Environmental room monitoring & alarms
  • Health diagnostic testing – PCR, histopathology, necropsy
  • Water quality monitoring & testing

Lab Animal Management Software

  • Database app with cloud access for digitizing, organizing, and tracking lab animal colony data and environmental parameters


  • Zebrafish research diet
  • Ready to Use Microalgae Products
  • Rotifers & Artemia
  • Live feed culturing equipment

Service & Support

  • Multi-tier tailored care plans
  • Consulting & training
  • Insourcing & compliance

With over 20 years of experience in developing solutions, Danio Lab accelerates biomedical research by providing the scientific zebrafish community with innovative services, tools, and technology.

Visit our site to learn more or contact us today to see how we can help you accelerate your research and optimize your zebrafish operations and husbandry.

Products & Services

Danio Care

Service & Support

  • Specialized care plans
  • Multiple care level packages available
  • Tailored for our clientele
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Onsite + remote services

Danio Core

Insourcing & Compliance

  • Professional consulting
  • Personalized individual or group training available
  • Onsite + remote services

Danio Health

Diagnostics & Testing

  • In-house health monitoring tests including PCR panels, microbiology, histopathology, and necropsy

Danio Housing

Zebrafish IVT Rack & Tank Systems

  • Designed with the user in mind
  • Highest density configuration on the market
  • Suitable for every type of facility
  • Sizes: 4.0-liter tank & 1.0-liter tank

Danio Nutrition

Diets & Dispensing

  • Fish feeders to optimize feeding operations
  • Zebrafish Research Diet – Artemia replacement
  • Artemia and Rotifers

This app is designed to digitize and manage your lab animal colonies and environmental parameters in any type and size of research lab, facility, or animal room.

Become a part of our 6-month trial program and try SoBoDASH for free with weekly personalized service and support from our team to get you started and operating smoothly.

Ready to use Microalgae Products

Phytobloom Green Formula - ideal for live prey (Rotifers and Artemia), filter feeders (Mollusc and Crustacean larvae) and for a Green Water technique (polyculture for example). Provides a high FCR - commonly used in standard protocols.

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